Hi, I’m Alicia

(and you’re already in my good books if you can pronounce my name right – Alice-ee-ah / Alyssia)

I’m a content manager with a background as a video creator, presenter and copywriter who’s happiest when brainstorming new ideas, being creative and immersed in nature.

Things I Love: Yoga, animals, long hikes in remote places, saunas, Polish food (especially pierogi), listening to inspirational podcasts, exercising in the morning, good coffee, chocolate, baths, kindness, psychology, spirituality, hedgehogs, plants, green-living, TED Talks, wise quotes, reading, outdoor hot tubs, hammocks, starry nights, gin, cheese and wine nights, yellow flowers.

I am passionate about: Supporting local farmers, independent retailers and buying organic. Trying to live as sustainably as possible and learning more about things that can be done to protect the environment. Supporting non-toxic green beauty products/toiletries and websites. Promoting good things in life rather than highlighting the bad.
alicia deer

Where It All Began…

My first ever TV experience was aged 14 when I interviewed the boyband A1 for Disney Channel. This sparked my interest in video production/presenting and years later, when studying at Loughborough University, I volunteered at the students’ union media centre.

I learnt the ropes and progressed from being a reporter in my first year to an anchor in my second year.  I then became the producer of an award-winning magazine show and was elected Head of Production in my final year. The experience was invaluable and gave me the confidence to ‘go for it’ and apply for challenging job roles.

lsutv 3

An opportunity with The Guardian and Red Bull…

While I was in my final year, I saw an advert in The Guardian that there was a nationwide search for a sports reporter to fly to San Diego and present at The Red Bull Air Race World Championship. I was still a student and even though I didn’t have industry experience behind me, I was determined. I believed in myself and decided to use my personality and sense of humour to make my 60-second submission stand out…

A month later I had a phone call…

“Hi Alicia, this is Hannah from Red Bull. I’ve got some news. We narrowed our entries down to 50 and then The Guardian narrowed them down to 10….and then to 1….and you’re our winner!!! Are you free to go to San Diego next week?”

So off I flew to San Diego where I interviewed some of the world’s best pilots with a TV production company and Guardian journalists. A bit different to student TV 😉

After graduating from Loughborough University with a Masters Degree in English and some great footage on my portfolio, I was lucky to begin my freelance career with a pretty cool job. I was hired to relocate to Ireland and host Ireland’s first online multi-platform lifestyle series called ‘Beat Generation’. The series took me on some wild adventures such as getting in a cage with a professional cage fighter, learning zombie martial arts moves, walking the catwalk and having a heckling battle with a comedian! I think it’s fair to say I’m not scared of a challenge!


I wrote my Masters thesis on the performativity of gender and the body language of political figures; focusing on Hillary Rodham Clinton and I’ve appeared several times on local radio as a guest body language expert. I have also been lucky enough to work with the NFL team at Sky Sports and interview sporting legends such as Martin Johnson and Sir Stirling Moss.

Martin Johnson

Moving into travel and lifestyle…


I’ve always loved to explore the world around me – but the serious case of ‘itchy feet’ began after a round-the-world six month trip in 2005 (Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Cook Islands, America, Canada).Since then, I’ve been to 25+ countries and written articles/created videos for companies such as BSkyB, Expedia, Jack Wills, Lonely Planet, Skyscanner, Viator and more. 

Collage presenting

One of my favourite places on the planet is Japan and a work highlight was travelling to Japan with Lonely Planet and fronting a video series which became a national ad campaign for Visit Japan and aired worldwide on BBC World News, EuroNews and National Geographic.

Lonely Planet Japan

Utilising my diverse skill set and years of experience, I now work with incredible brands as their Head of Content. This means I advise and oversee their content strategies to help them take their content to the next level.